The Anchorage School is not only committed to providing the students with the fundamentals of basic math, science and language competence, but also in developing the emotional intelligence of its students and the curriculum reflects it.


The Anchorage School believes, and rightly so, that teachers are "the hinge on which the future swings", they are those stilts upon which is supported the edifice of a school. In order to be what they are expected to be, i.e. leaders in their respective fields, The Anchorage School conducts regular training sessions. Not only is 'On-Job' training provided, monthly 'In-Service' days are also held to polish their skills. Additionally, to keep up with the demands of time, curriculum is given great attention. Thus we are always making, reviewing, and reflecting on the structure of the curriculum. Presenters from various teacher training institutes and other professionals from various walks of life are called in to speak and advise. Computer training is also part of teacher training at The Anchorage School. Frequent workshops are conducted by our own teachers as well as external presenters, on issues that relate to and are affecting methods of teaching.

Core Teachers

& Masterminds

At The Anchorage School the teachers are given the unique opportunity to be active participants in the making of the curriculum as well as helping in organizing and managing different events that take place during the school year.

For this we have a dedicated team of co-coordinators, and masterminds who contribute and help develop the curriculum in partnership with the management.

The core teachers are an essential and an indispensable part of the managerial process; they are a great help in managing various events which take place during an academic year in all the buildings. The core teachers also participate in the smooth running of each building.



30th September 2021

As per weather forecast, heavy rainfall is expected tomorrow. Therefore for the safety of students, it is decided that tomorrow 1s...

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27th September 2021

The school will remain closed for online and physical classes on September 28, 2021 (Tuesday) due to Chehlum.(Hazrat Imam Hussain)

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