About Us


Who are We ?

Our School was founded in 1997 in the city of Karachi, Pakistan, by an educator who believed that quality education was not just a basic constitutional right, but a necessary condition for societal change. With the support of an incredibly talented, hardworking, and experienced team, we are proudly in our 25th year of service. Excelling in their professions, our alumni have become conscientious and responsible citizens of the global community.


What is our Approach

We aim to create an enriching learning experience for our students. Our child-centred approach to teaching and learning practices ensures that children develop according to their own unique strengths and potential. Through hands-on learning and various activities, we enable students to absorb, understand, and apply what's being taught. We maintain small class sizes to ensure not just that children receive personalised attention, but to also ensure that educators are aware of each child's needs and can mould teaching practices accordingly.


Mission Statement

We are boldly responding to a host of socio-economic challenges faced by students from diverse backgrounds by minimizing the differential in learning outcomes through evidence based interventions.



The Anchorage School was founded on November 3rd 1997 with a mission to provide high quality education at an affordable cost to children belonging to families with diverse economic backgrounds. The School was established with the mission to serve people by making a difference with a curriculum that focuses on nation building characteristics and developing mental maturity among the new generation

The vision and the objective of the school is best enunciated by its Mission statement which is "To transform children into well rounded personalities and produce citizens of upright character with, enlightened, responsible and productive mindset by providing education at an affordable cost, using latest educational techniques through highly qualified and trained faculty" Our schools operate under the auspice of THE ANCHORAGE EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY which is duly registered with the Government of Sindh and the City District Gov. and Directorate of Education. The school's administration comprises of the Board of Governors, Administrator/Director, one Principal, two Vice Principals, (one for each Campus), Senior teachers, junior teachers, helper teachers, office staff and domestic staff.



  • University Of Cambridge UK
  • The Sindh Private Educational Institutions
  • The British CounciL
  • SPELT(Society Of Pakistan English language Teachers
  • TDC(Teacher Development Centre)
  • TRC(Teacher Resource Centre)
  • IED(International Education Department)


Academic scholarships are offered to students with above average grades. .