The school's science laboratory is well equipped to undertake practical / ATPs in the discipline of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for O-Level students. The teachers who conduct the practical activities are highly qualified and experienced in their areas of expertise.


The school administration takes the task of imparting high quality education very seriously. All out endeavors are made to ensure that the students get the best education. In order to achieve their goal the curriculum of studies is designed in such a manner that discourages rote learning and lays emphasis on conceptual learning. Basic principles are taught first so as to give the students a firm grounding in the subject before graduating to advanced learning. The teaching techniques are interactive and animated where teacher-student interaction is geared towards maximum dissemination and absorption of knowledge, rather than a one way discourse. The school academic year is spread over two terms i.e. First Term and Second Term. School closes for summer holidays for two months in June and July.



Arts and Craft make up an essential part of curriculum activities. They provide a venue for development of self expression and blossoming of latent talent in each student. The activities like sketching, painting, drawing, clay work, paper cutting / modelling etc are done by students supervised by experienced and qualified teachers. School's students regularly take part in interschool art competitions as well.



Music classes are an integral part of the learning activities of junior classes where poems are sung by students and conducted by an experienced music teacher. The music classes provide an exhilarating atmosphere to the students who overcome their shyness and learn to perform in front of audience. The school has its own band where students are taught music by an experienced band instructor.


Sports facilities have been provided to the students in the school such as Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics and Taekowndo. Experienced Sports instructors train the students in these disciplines. Annual school sports meet is held in a grand manner. The students also regularly take part in interschool Taekowndo Championships. The Anchorage School won the 2009 Inter School Tae Kown Do Championship.



The school lays great emphasis on developing the ability of public speaking in which students can speak logically, clearly and coherently in front of a diverse and educated audience. Regular speech contests are held in the school and the school also hosts an annual Inter School Declamation Contest in which a number of schools from the city participate. This event is keenly contested by the participants.



The School endeavours to inculcate a sense of appreciation of literature and performing art by conducting a grand school annual Concert and Drama festival. Students present dramas on various themes, poems, plays of Shakespeare etc and sing choirs to the great applause of the parents and audience. Besides being a extra ordinary learning experience for the students, it presents a great opportunity for parents to see the talents of their wards on display.



The students are encouraged to gain knowledge from all the sources possible and not just remained anchored to course studies. Therefore the teachers conduct quizzes on various topics and intra class and inter-class championships are also held. Similarly spelling quizzes are also held to sharpen, mental and language skills. The school students also regularly participate in the DAWN annual Spelling Bee Competition.



In order to broaden the view and to educate about various facets of the society, the students are taken on excursion and visits to various places of interest, such as Museums, libraries, factories, historical sites, important Landmarks etc.

The students are briefed about the background, importance and the role of organization being visited and are then required to complete a worksheet or write a report on the visit.



The students of the school are given various projects of educational value where they have to draw and make various models and explain its salient features through posters and models. Such projects are then collated and subsequently displayed in the school's annual Open House. In this Open House parents of students and other guests are invited to come and see the efforts of the students and the staff.In 2009 the theme of the Open House in Campus-I was " The World Around Us" and that of Campus-II was " Civilizations of The World". The visitors greatly appreciated the displays and commended the efforts of the students.



The school provides its students an international dimension through and international schools link programme. The Anchorage School has a linkage with Victoria Primary School , Keighly, UK . Through this link programme, the students of both schools correspond with each other, the students of similar grade and age collaborate and undertake projects which are then exchanged. Basically the students of both schools greatly benefit from such exchanges as they learn about various facets and facts of the project and salient features in the link country.



30th September 2021

As per weather forecast, heavy rainfall is expected tomorrow. Therefore for the safety of students, it is decided that tomorrow 1s...

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27th September 2021

The school will remain closed for online and physical classes on September 28, 2021 (Tuesday) due to Chehlum.(Hazrat Imam Hussain)

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